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Who we are

Being SMALL, it does not mean that you have limitations in doing business. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to maximize limited resources to produce an optimized result at satisfaction level.

Being SMALL, it is a great opportunity to create and to design your very own unique character.

Why choose us



Being PRECISE, it is an essential element for every business entrepreneur consequently, it is one of our key working ethics to deliver and to design the most precise path at the suitable time frame for our clients.



Being practical is an important element in managing SMALL HOTELS. An unbalance between design aspect and operational aspect always causes unwanted results. That is the reason why PRACTICALITY has become one of important element for our team.

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Our team has extensive experience in hospitality specializing in SMALL HOTELS. It is not only a long-term experience would make us become professional, it is our continuous practice in this business field gradually forming trust among partners and clients. Thus, the PROFESSIONAL term is earned.


What we do

POISE CORPORATION CO.,LTD was formed under the concept to bring out the best of SMALL HOTELS in every aspect from design, development to operational management. The company aims to provide advisory services to business owners as well as individual who are interested in SMALL HOTELS.

SMALL HOTELS cover a wide range of accommodation from boutique hotels, city hotels, hostel, lifestyle accommodation as well as design hotels and resorts.

Whether you are a start-up, a new comer or a long-time player in the market, our advisory services cover extensive ranges of technical advisory services to assist you to establish your business with competitiveness.  From design concept to operational management as well as rebranding, our specialized team not only guide you through the development process but also opt the best possible practices for your project.